the clitoris

Did you know that the clitoris wasn’t recognized in its entirety until the 1980’s? Typically we think of the clit as a small external body part. Euphemisms for masturbation like “double clicking the mouse” or “flicking the bean” reinforce that notion. In reality, the clit itself extends internally and has nerves that go beyond the vulva.

The only known function of the clitoris is for sexual arousal. The tip of the clit has over 8,000 nerve endings, but the clit is so much more than just the tip. Shaped like a wish bone, it has “legs” and is actually located mostly inside the body.

“Front view”: you’re looking at someone lying on their back, spread-eagle, and you have x-ray vision

Glans clitoris: The external portion of the clitoris.

Bulb of vestibule, corpus cavernosum: Erectile tissue.

Crus clitoris: “Crus” means “leg”.

“Top view”: an MRI of the ovaries, uterus, vagina, (all in blue) and clitoris (in yellow).

Artist Sophia Wallace has done some amazing work to educate people about the clitoris. You can check out her work CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws here.

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