the vulva

The vulva refers to the external sexual parts between a vagina-owner’s legs.


Mons pubis: The fatty mound of tissue over the pelvic bone. After puberty, the mound will have hair.

Labia majora: The outermost “lips” of the vulva that run from the mons pubis to the anus.

Labia minora: The inner “lips” of the vulva. Sometimes these lips are bigger or smaller than the labia major.

Anus: This is where fecal matter leaves the body.

Vaginal opening: The opening that menstrual blood, vaginal secretions, and babies come out of. It’s also the opening that a penis or sex toy might go into.

Urethra: This is the opening where urine leaves the body.

Clitoris: A bundle of nerves covered in a mucous membrane. The clitoris, or “clit” is usually extremely sensitive.

Clitoral hood: Formed by the labia minora, this fold of skin helps protect the sensitive clitoris.

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