Toy Care

You work hard for your money, and it only takes a few simple steps to protect your investment! Here are some tips to properly care for your adult novelties.

  1. Clean your toys before and after use. Most people remember to clean their adult novelties after use, but consider that the toy will likely be in contact with sensitive tissues (e.g. the vulva, vagina, anus). Cleaning with Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner before use gets rid of bacteria, lint, or dust that may be on your toy.
  2. Take the batteries out when the toy is not in use. This prolongs the life of your item’s motor. If you know that you’re not going to take the batteries out, I suggest a rechargeable toy!
  3. Store toys with care.
    • Certain materials – like ones that adult toys are commonly made of – will degrade and even melt when left exposed to one another. Store each of your toys inside its own bag, like Athena’s Velvet Toy Bag, so that toys do not come in contact with each other.
    • Remember that silicone degrades silicone; 100% silicone lube is NOT safe to use with silicone toys and some plastic toys.
    • Do not store toys near extreme heat or cold.
    • As a general rule, bath & body products have a 16 month shelf life.

Athena’s stands by the products that they have chosen to carry, and has a 30 day warranty on all motorized products. Here is the official policy:

Return Policy
All sales are final due to the intimate nature of our products. Motorized products are guaranteed for 30 days for a replacement. No refunds will be given. If you receive a broken product or if your product breaks within 30 days of receipt, please contact the distributor from whom you purchased the product for further instructions.

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