Virtual Naughty Bingo prizes

On this page, you’ll find the prizes available to the winners of Goddess Kristina’s virtual Naughty Bingo. Quantities are limited. If none of these prizes interest you, you also have the choice to turn your prize into credits to use towards any available/in stock product. After the prizes, you’ll find a list of items that Goddess Kristina has on hand.

Scents may vary – please ask for available scents.

Tier 1 prizes

You can add multiple Tier 1 prizes together for a total retail value of $20.00 – $25.00.



Tier 2 prizes

Choose any one (1) of the following items.

Available in:
Lemon Drop
Black Raspberry

Tier 3 prizes

Choose any one (1) of the following items.

Stock on hand

You can use your prize credits towards any of the following items. Even if you didn’t win, Goddess Kristina has these items in stock, and they are available to ship or pickup.